About Us
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About Us


FAITH MINERALS (PVT.) LTD. is a subsidiary of Nippon Talc Co., Ltd. Faith Minerals was founded in 2015, we are a research and development, production and sales of modern company.

We have several powder processing production line, estimated annual production up to 30,000 tons.


Location: Factory is located in the Karachi Export Processing Zone and has good export preferential policy support and convenient communications. Pakistan adjoins Southeast Asia countries which is makes it the good location advantage and serves better for foreign customers.

Technology: We produce with Japanese advanced production equipment and testing instruments, operate with Japanese top production technology and scientific management. To built high-end products to domestic market and abroad market. We offer especially in the production and processing of ultra-fine powder.

Materials: Pakistan is rich in talc resource. We establish a stable long- term cooperation relationship with mine owner, supply ample material source.

We have steadily developed by pulling out the potential of talc and creating new markets.